2013 Composer Reel

Promised Land Trailer(2012) _ Music from 0:00 – 0:40 by Andrew Edwards

Sex With Strangers HE – Promotional Spot for Steppenwolf Theatre

Big Finish – Doctor Who – The Wanderer – Trailer

IYCA Recording Session- Andrew Edwards Interview
New Message from the East Trailer
Bride Flight 2008 official trailer HD HQ
American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI) Congo Documentary TRAILER
Othello Witness the Passion
Sans Pertinence – Clip
Nancy Picks and Chooses – Clip
A Message from the East – Movie Snippet 3 – Allama Iqbal
SHOW REEL Left BrainRight Brain Productions, LLC
Grace UMC – The Summit Project – Promo
Livin’ it Up at The Ivy Apartments