the new season of doctor who has added two stunning episodes to the canon of pseudo-historical stories: “rosa” – which depicts the doctor and co. staying out of the way of the civil rights icon’s historic bus ride, and this week’s “demons of the punjab,” which sees the tardis team venturing back to 1947 india, for the wedding of yaz’s grandmother (which just happens to be on the first day of partition). doctor who has a long history with these historical stories, which stretches into the expanded big finish audio universe. i had the great pleasure of providing the music and sound design for one of these stories, entitled “the wanderer,” written by richard dinnick and directed by lisa bowerman.

in this story, narrated by the great william russell (ian chesterton), the doctor, susan, ian, and barbara land in turn-of-the-last-century rural russia, where they encounter a monk of historical significance and a crashed alien spacecraft.

you can check out the trailer, above, and grab a download of the audio adventure, here.

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