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The Featured Music playlist has been updated with selections some of my more recent projects. It’s been curated to be an engaging listen from front to back (hopefully). Thanks for... read more

Coming to you live from Sherman Oaks!

Sorry for the radio silence! We just arrived in LA, last week, and we’re still getting settled in (you can see Max investigating our new patio (and Andrew’s new dwarf lime tree), above)! I’ll be updating the site with new links and functionality, so you can better listen to, play, and watch projects that I’ve been working on. You can check out the new Projects page, right now, for access to documentaries, video games, original scores, trailers, and more! Stay tuned, and please let me know if anything doesn’t work (or, of course, if you like something)! Thanks for... read more

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Elevate: Dynamic Meditation, Vol. 1
Andrew M. Edwards