New Projects!

Two projects that I’m attached to are currently in the last stages of their crowdfunding campaigns.
Please take a minute to check out these great film and TV projects, and consider supporting them.

Market Value is a dramatic feature dealing with issues surrounding LGBT adoption rights and illegal adoption. They’ve already finished filming, and they are crowdsourcing funding for post-production (which includes me!). Here is the trailer:

Market Value Film | Teaser Trailer from Wendell Etherly on Vimeo.

Easy Abby is the #1 web series in America, with over 30 million views! They are getting ready to shoot Season 2, and they have a perk-filled IndieGoGo campaign to entice you. Here’s an episode (potentially NSFW):

Writing music for wildly different projects, like these, is always such a joy (and it keeps my brain on its toes). I’m looking so forward to getting started.
Thanks for your support.

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