Introducing Captain Extraordinary!

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAK3AAAAJDA0ZDgzZTE3LTcxYjYtNGNkMC05ZGUyLWY0M2Q3MWY5Yzk4MwI am thrilled to announce that I’ve been signed on as the composer for a new kids’ animated series, which is moving into development! Captain Extraordinary is being written by the inimitable Richard Dinnick – with whom I had the great pleasure of working on a Doctor Who audio adventure for Big Finish (You can check that out here!) – and is produced by Rushfirth Creative in the UK.

Here is the original press release!

The voice talent on board include Dan Starkey (Strax the Sontaran, Doctor Who), Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom, Harry Potter Series), and V.O. artist extraordinary Beth Chalmers. The original animatic trailer is in the works right now, and the score is already taking shape! We cannot wait to share this with you! It’s shaping up to be quite delightful.

If you’d like to keep updated on the series, you can follow cast and crew on Twitter!

Rushfirth CreativeDan StarkeyMatt LewisBeth ChalmersRichard Dinnick. & Me!

[Insert witty “Extraordinary” phrase here]

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