Blue Police Box Music


Film Music
Dorkumentary TV Web Series Ongoing
Mike India Alpha Short 2013
Alex & Ali Feature Doc 2014
Scary Normal Feature 2013
The Photographist Short 2014
Bailout! Feature Doc 2012
Bringing Hope To Justice Short Doc 2011
Trep Life Web Series Ongoing
“Sex with Strangers” (He & She) Web Promo 2011
Jankovich for Alderman Political Ad 2011
Bride Flight Trailer Trailer 2011
Ellen’s Father Short 2010
One Day In The Life Short 2010
Pride Toasters Promo Web Promo 2010
Exploring the Missing Link Educational DVD 2010
Times Are Gone For Honest Men Short 2010
Wight Navy Project Industrial Promo 2010
Single Waltz Short 2010
Othello: Witness The Passion Web Promo 2009
Quearborn & Perversion Feature Doc 2009
Operation Butterfinger Commercial 2009
The Guitarist Short 2009
Detour Home Short 2009
Message from the East Feature Doc 2009
The Red Heels Short 2009
Turtle Short 2008
A Short Film About Love Short 2008
Nancy Picks & Chooses Short 2008
Cleaned Out Short 2008
Southern Cross Short 2008
Love In Chains Short 2007
Sans Pertinence Short 2005
Blackout Feature 2005
To Know A Jedi Feature 2004
Theatre and Dance Music
Changes Chicago Tap Theatre 2011
Queen Suite (Arrangement)* Chicago Tap Theatre 2010
Intrinsic Chicago Tap Theatre/JorsTap 2010
Love Taps* Chicago Tap Theatre 2010
True West Athena Theatre 2010
Oklahomo for the Holidays!* About Face Theatre 2009
Little Dead Riding Hood* Chicago Tap Theatre 2009
The Hourglass & The Poisoned Pen* Chicago Tap Theatre 2008
Metamorphoses* Athena Theatre 2008
Jason & Ben (Arrangements) NYMF 2008
Fitz & Walloughs Get It In The End!* NYC 2007
The Laramie Project* BMCC 2006
Kala: A Musical Faerie Tale* Regional 2003
Scarlet Lines: A Gothic Musical* Regional 1997
Albums + Miscellany
The Glacier Sequence Concert Commission 2010
Flying Turtle Suite Chicago Tap Theatre 2009
Waiting for the Sun (as Cellardoor) Unreleased 2008
You’re a Digital One, Mr. Grinch Remix 2008
Twisted NYMF Showcase 2008
Nude (Cellardoor Stadium Lounge Mix) Radiohead Remix 2008
Stingray (as Cellardoor) Unreleased 2007
Distance (Cellardoor LP) iTunes, CDBaby 2006
i didn’t get the memo (Cellardoor LP) iTunes, CDBaby 2005
L’esprit de L’escalier (Cellardoor LP) iTunes, CDBaby 2004

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